You wake up from a dream of me, of us. In it’s peaceful middle. Your eyes slowly open to find mine watching you. “Hey beautiful, go back to sleep.”

Her First.

It’s 11.04am, the first morning in June ’98. Monday morning quietens as the cries of a woman in labour die out. A brown skinned beauty, first time mother, exhausted but blissful. A look of worry apparent on her face as her child first comes into view. Worry becomes fear as the nurse brings him closer. […]

The Vampire’s Lover.

What do you see? When you both stand in the mirror. You and the one you may seem to Love and live for. Are you in your lonesome? As in the times before he existed, Just more painfully so As you stand reflecting a cold stare.   He doesn’t see beneath the smile, Or hear […]

The Textured Question

It’s 2.47am The inability to see Always made hearing seem more beautiful. So talk to me About you, me, we, Anything and nothing. You’re so live!   I’d rather just listen, Not bring in any confusion. I get real dumb when I try to be smart. So I’d rather pay attention To late night dreams […]


We’d sit under the most unromantic of night skies, The moon a waning gibbous. No stars above us. But you’d smile, And it’d light the night.   We’d talk about me and you, And every little thing that matters. Outer Space, Ice cream and Lightning, And see if I’d die If I got hit by […]

Babgbe’s Trees

Babgbe, Ondo seems so lonely. On my way it’s mostly just a long stretch of road with trees on either side. Some ending over to me one from the other side halfway. The occasional meet is somewhat beautiful. Most of them seem to wait for the one on the other side to make the first […]